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In drawing, the term ‘hatch’ refers to certain gestures of mark-making - accumulations of closely drawn parallel lines used to describe areas of tone or shade. Yet this word ‘hatch’ carries other meanings -meanings that imply opening, emergence, incubation, the devising of plots and plans. It is our belief that all of the defining pathways encompassed by this word ‘hatch’ are accessed through drawing. Drawing leads the eyes and the hands to record wonder, solve puzzles, map out directions and solutions, expound on mysteries. Choosing
HATCH as the name for this project affirms our intention to engage across all of these denotations.

Ours is a fundamental method of creative practice and discourse that traces a line to follow trajectories which commence outward from an acknowledged quest for information, and toward description of what we have not yet seen. In the gaps between hesitant marks on blank paper or in obfuscating smudges - there is where we chance upon what we do not yet know, what requires us as researchers to step back from preconception and focus anew upon the shifting object/subject. It is here that we come to identify new and unexpected possibilities for investigation.

Drawing is a tool of exploration; a kind of raw material of thought-made-visible. Its marks – tentative and bold alike - nibble away at preconceptions and other barriers to knowledge. In the resultant records of such active thinking discoveries are revealed. Thus we situate and engage drawing as its own uniquely generative instrument of enquiry.

To that end,
HATCH seeks an engagement around drawing in its many aspects: process and outcome, traditional and experimental, manual and mechanical, universal and deeply personal. We invite varied approaches – from those that encompass transcriptions of the known world to ephemeral interpretation and invention that endeavour to bridge us into the unknowable.

The goal for the
HATCH project is to bring together researchers and practitioners in order to explore, expand, uncover and incubate themes around drawing. HATCH is a forum for practical experimentation, collaborative initiatives, discussion and criticism, and exhibition and exposition. We hope to create and encourage an environment for drawing - and drawing conversation - that reflects the broadest investigation of methods and outcomes.

Stephanie Black & Lynn Imperatore
HATCH Editors


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