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News: 2015

Crossing the Lines
Drawing Exhibition curated by artists Margery Theroux and Paula Madawick

Garrison Arts Centre, The Riverside Galleries, 23 Garrisons Landing, Garrison, NY 10524, United States
04 April - 03 May, 2015
Reception 11 April, 17:00 - 19:00
Artist dialogue 26 April, 15:00 - 16:00

Drawing show: Crossing the lines is an exhibition that shows drawing as it is produced today by several different artists.

The nineteen artists apply line to conventional and unconventional materials, as in Eric Laxman's three-dimensional lines intruding into the gallery space, Carol Prusa's complex silverpoint drawings on domed porcelain, John Cage's penned musical score markings, Kate Renner's night photo-like charcoal drawings on paper and Irene Christensen's six inch by eight foot accordian folded books of the artist's evening notations. The more than thirty drawings are a tribute to the line in many media.

We bring these artists' works together in a expanded definition of drawing and to show the important place drawing holds in our time.

Paula Madawick & Margery Theroux

Artists featured: Astrid Bowlby, John Cage, Irene Christensen, Thorpe Feidt, Lynn Imperatore, Isabella Jacob, Nils Karsten, Polly King, Grace Knowlton, Eric Laxman, Paula Madawick, Robert Moskowitz, Jill O'Bryan. Kelly Leahy Radding, Kate Renner, John Rosis, Andrea Taylor, Margery Theroux.


Grace Knowlton, 'Wicker Twist'
Grace Knowlton, 'Wicker Twist'
John Cage, Score
John Cage, 'Score'
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